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If you have not seen or heard Rega’s top of the line CD player, the ISIS, the Saturn-R is the closest you can get to enjoying the magnificent sound of ISIS without spending the megabucks written on ISIS’s pricetag. In fact, the Saturn R in a quick glance is “almost” similar to┬átheir flagship player. It has the same wider width chassis (versus the shoebox size chassis of the Apollo-R) and the top loading design of the ISIS. It may not share the insane built quality of ISIS (naturally when the Saturn-R cost less than 1/3 the price of the ISIS) but is still a very sturdy design with an all metal chassis. But when you put a CD into the Saturn-R, that’s when the wide price gap becomes a narrow distance. The Saturn-R is not going to sound identically similar to the ISIS but it comes frighteningly close!

With a good amp and a pair of speakers in the right room, the Saturn-R can recreate a musical soundstage that is so holographic, you could close your eyes and just feel immerse in the music. Delivery was smooth and effortless with slight coloration but well tailored. And if you like Saturn-Rs music delivery to be applied across all your digital sources, you could do so by routing your digital signals through it and using the Saturn-R as the main DAC for all your digital sources. So for under $2,000 now, you are not just getting a highly regarded CD player but also a DAC that could let you enjoy the musicality of the unit by extending it to your other digital players.

We have the original box and remote and will double box it for safe shipping.