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The Stereophile reviewer who reviewed this Planet CD player voted it as the digital component of the year. Not that it cost a whole load of money or had fancy gizmos inside but based purely, on its musicality. The design of the Planet is almost utilitarian. Its a top loader where the CD cover is manually opened and closed and the front panel only has one power on switch and five control buttons. Simple and totally effective. Being that it does not have any kind of loading mechanism, you don’t have to worry about any drawer issues you would find on drawer based CD players. The display is not the brightest (main grievance among users) in the industry when compared to other brands but work past this and you would enjoy this sumptuously rich sounding player. The mids and highs were smooth and warm, almost tube-like sound with the bass nicely balanced between too little or too much.

Cosmetically, the player looks good for its age. Minor scuff marks here and there and some paint wear on the top cover but nothing major. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack it for safe shipping. Remote control was ordered new and is the latest design. As with any older CD players, we always recommend getting a spare laser lens if you plan to keep the unit. And the good thing with the Planet is that it sold by the thousands in its lifetime so there are an abundance of parts for it and they are very affordable too!