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The Apheta 2 is a standout MC cartridge in the “budget priced” sub-$2,000 MC category. At this price range, it runs into some fierce top end MM cartridges and other “budget” MC cartridges (like Clearaudio’s Talisman V2 we have for sale in another listing). Compared to the top end MM cartridges, the Apheta is smoother and less “in your face”. It just quietly plays music with no drama. You might be drawn to the MM cartridges but after a while, you would be drawn to the more analog sounding of the Apheta. The Clearaudio Talisman is slightly heavier sounding while the Apheta is light footed and the soundstage seems to float a little higher. When we listened to both through Concert Fidelity’s SPA-4C phono preamp, the difference between is audible and boils down to a matter of personal taste. Both are good. But if you want a more grounded soundstage, the Clearaudio is the one to go for. On the other hand, if you like a light footed musical presence, the Apheta is the better choice.

Output on the Apheta is 0.5mV and the recommended load is 100 ohms. Cartridge weighs approx 5.9gm and the recommended downforce is 1.75gm. Cartridge was formerly used by a reviewer for comparison auditioning with other cartridges. He put in about 130 hours on it so it still has lots of good life left. Cartridge will be securely packed for safe shipping.