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Model: Planar 3 w/ Grace G-707 arm & Elys MM cartridge Rega >
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Here is another winning design turntable from Rega that is brilliantly crafted and amazingly affordable. Dollar for dollar, this setup rivals the Linn Axis turntable setup for less money. Previous owner replaced the RB300 with the Grace G-707 arm which is a lighter and more delicate design. He kept the same Elys cartridge and collectively as a set,¬† is one of the most affordable setup to own and enjoy vinyl. Obviously, this is not going to rival the likes of a $5,000 VPI or Sota turntable but if you are tight on a budget and just want to enjoy vinyl or get one for nostalgic reason, the set here is as good a buy as any. Like all used cartridges that comes with the turntable, we always suggest replacing a new one should you choose to buy the setup. The “claimed” hours of use is always taken with a huge pinch of salt…. Running the speed at 33 or 45 rpm is just a matter of looping the belt over the respective pulley on the motor.

Cosmetically, there are some scuff marks here and there but remains overall in very nice shape. Dustcover is included and the platter is glass with a felt mat that goes over the top. We do not have the original box but will securely pack this for safe shipping.