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The P10 has been the flagship bearer for Rega for several years now and continues to do so because it is still quite simply, one of the best turntable you can get for under $10,000. We have gone through some that is similarly priced or even touching close to the $10,000 mark but the P10 is still either the one to beat or rivals its challenges for less money. One major noticeable difference is how light the P10 is. With an amazingly light plinth (you can read up more about the materials Rega used in the making of the plinth on their website) that is topped with a ceramic platter and the use of their proprietary Double Brace Technology, the P10 is extremely stable when spinning your vinyl. The World renowned RB300 arm hosts the cartridge and the RP10 PSU powers the motor. Simple and effective. Rega is so confident in the P10 that on the top end of the setup, they recommend their Aphelion MC cartridge that sells for $4,000 for a $9,700 combo ($5,700 list is without a cartridge). A cartridge that is almost 70% the price of a turntable speaks of a lot of confidence in the table! Speed selection is handled by the RP10 PSU which you can select by hitting the buttons on the front of the unit. If you need a cartridge to go with it, pls contact us for used cartridge options.

Cosmetically, there are minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. Dustcover is in fine shape. We have the original box and will securely pack this for safe shipping.