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The Rega Apollo is an inexpensive, Made in the UK, CD player. Its a very utilitarian design that features a top loading CD slot with a manually operated CD cover. There are only four basic functions on the front with the rest of the functions accessible from the remote. Built quality and finish is very good. Physically, it has all the attributes of a $1,000 CD player although one might argue that some Japanese CD players in the same price category weighs four times as much with better materials used. But when you factor in the sound, that is where the Apollo shoots to the top. Music was smooth, detailed and clear. It has a very relaxed sound that was almost analog like without much digital glare in its sound. So obviously, Rega was doing something right under the “lightweight” design. We have to concur with Stereophile Magazine when they strongly recommended this CD player.

This particular player is in great condition. Very minor scuff marks that are barely noticeable. We have the original box and remote for it. Can be used as a CD transport too with surprisingly good result when paired with a top notch DAC.