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We have sold many Reference 3A speakers before and one thing we have noticed is that their floorstanders rarely gets traded in or come to us as a sale. This is not a surprising situation because as excellent as their bookshelf speakers are, their floorstanders are far more superior if your budget and room size extends to it. The Grand Veena you see here is one such floorstander. As a five driver speaker, each Grand Veena speaker spots two 8″ kevlar/fiberglass woofers, one 7″ woven carbon midrange driver (but acts as a full range driver since it is crossover-less), one silk dome tweeter and one Murata Supertweeter (for frequencies above 20KHz). Speakers are also sloped backwards at an angle where it has been designed to offer perfect time alignment. Setup is fairly easy but placement is critical. So spending some time to carefully place them in your room is necessary to extract out the best soundstage and presentation possible. In our larger sound room, we had them about seven feet apart, slightly toed in and about three feet off the side wall and five feet off the back wall. The transparency, speed and attack we heard was first class. Mids were clean and detailed and the bass fast and tight. The highs gave the soundstage the impressive space and airiness that we tend to hear with speakers costing in the $30,000 and above bracket. So for a pair of speakers that used to retail for $8,000, they were very impressive. The current Grand Veena, which adds “BE” to the model name utilizes a single Beryllium tweeter instead of two tweeters in this original offering. Its debatable which one sounds better so we will leave that to your own judgement. But for what we have now, they are incredible sounding speakers that is worthy of any setup that is aiming to achieve a reference level sound on a budget.

Speakers stand at 51″ tall with a width of 10″ and a depth of 19″. Each speaker weighs 75lbs and have a sensitivity of 90dB and a nominal impedance of 5 ohm. They have a rated power handling of 200W and a frequency response of 36Hz to 20KHz.  Overall condition of the speakers are good with some minor scuff marks here and there. We do not have the grille covers (previous owner didn’t use them and misplaced them). Speakers are currently set for bi-wiring. Local pickup from our store preferred but if shipping is required, they will be strapped on a pallet and shipped as freight.