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The Dulcets you see here are small monitors that actually sound larger than its size. Measuring just 7.5″ wide, 12″ tall and 9.5″ deep, they brought back memories of other great mini monitors like Acoustic Energy’s AE1. Mounted on sturdy stands, the Dulcet can project a wide soundstage with a strong stage presence and speed. Bass response was tight at 48Hz which is pretty impressive from a speaker of this size. The highs (up to 20KHz) and mids were smooth and highly revealing and blended seamlessly across for a near picture perfect sound. Some proper positioning of the speaker, can add to how substantial it sounds especially if you want to extract out a bit more oomph in the bottom end. Heavy sturdy stands are a must. If you are unfamiliar with Reference 3A, speakers you might be taken aback by its highly revealing nature so don’t be so surprise it picks out your systems shortcoming. But paired it well and you will understand why many users swear by it for its pinpoint accuracy.

Speakers are relatively easy to drive with a 6 ohm nominal impedance and a sensitivity of 88dB. Overall condition of the speakers are good with just a minor scuff on the top side edge of one speaker. Some light sanding should smoothen it out. Speakers will be carefully packed for safe shipping.