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The Model 1 may not have started off as a Mark Levinson design but his “re-thinking” on them produced this referenced standard tube monoblocks that will embarrass some more expensive flagship amps from stalwarts like Audio Research and Conrad Johnson. The previous owner used KT66 tubes on them (versus the original 6L6 tubes) as he wanted a more “aggressive” sound over the more “polite” 6L6 tubes and he never looked back. The KT66 draws more current, about 50% more than its 6L6 cousin and this really added more “juice” to its 160W power output. If you choose to operate the amps in Triode mode, power output will be 80W. Other tube complements are one 5842 input tube and four 6SN7 gain and driver tubes. Mark Levinson made many revisions to the original Audioprism Mana design (which is what the Red Rose is based on) and the more notable ones are – new output transformers, wires changed to Red Rose Silver wires, use of Caddock resistors, changes to the circuit board to allow higher voltage passage and a change in the driver tube bias value. Inputs are either RCA or XLR and the AC cords are 20amp. The pair you see here was one of their last production batches and there aren’t many out there which make them a rare gem to own. If you have a nice listening room, its gentle orange glow of the tubes and the luscious, smooth sound will give any audiophile a visual and sonic treat.

Cosmetically, the unit looks good. Minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. Due to its weight and size, they will be shipped strapped on a pallet. Local pickup from our store can be arranged too.