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The MB2.5 floorstanders from Scansonic are probably one of the coolest looking speakers under $5,000. The pair you see here has a white-silk finish with a carbon-fiber front baffle. The cabinets are curved and narrows towards the back with one ribbon tweeter and two 4″ woofers on each speaker. Slim the cabinet may be they have a solid feel to it. Placing them about seven feet apart in our system, we can’t  help but pause and just relish the sight of them.

But that is just one half the story. When we started our listening sessions, the speakers disappeared behind the soundstage they were reproducing. The speakers will not fill our larger listening room but in a medium or small size room, they will be so captivating you can feel yourself in the music. Vocals were particularly holographic and will probably the best genre of music for these speakers. Classical and jazz were equally fine but loud rock music put a strained on these speakers. Adding a subwoofer might help elevate some of the bass stress on their smallish woofers but that is entirely up to each individual. Frequency response range from 40Hz to 40 KHz with a nominal impedance of 4 ohms. They are almost every bit as good as a similarly spec but more expensive Raidho speakers so they are quote a bargain in that respect.

Cosmetically, they are in near mint shape. One previous owner who had it for a couple of months with very light usage. We have the original box for them. See our other listing for the matching MB Center speaker!