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The MB-3.5 is Scansonic’s middle of the range model under the MB series. Its the “bridging” model between the smaller MB-2.5 and the much larger MB-5 and MB-6 floorstanders. As the “bridging” model before you enter in to the “big boys club”, the MB-3.5 shares the same width and depth as the MB-2.5 but has grown taller by 6″ to accommodate two side firing 6.5″ woofers. This allowed the MB-3.5 to dig deeper down to 30Hz versus 40Hz in the MB-2.5. So if you enjoy the dynamic ability, soundstaging and depth of the MB-2.5, the MB-3.5 will deliver all these but with a more thundering bass end. Which was noticeably audible when compared to the MB-2.5.

As with any models under the Scansonic badge, the MB-3.5 is poking at the more expensive models that are badge Raidho and giving them a run for their money. Same high built quality, top class drivers used and more importantly, a sound quality that rivals the Raidho brand but for much less money. A true bargain.

Cosmetically, they are in very good shape. Just minor scuff marks from use. We have the original box for them and will be shipped in it.