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The 66 tuner was part of the highly successful Six Series that included the 66 preamp, 606 power amp and the 66 CD player. It may not have been as desirable as its other siblings since it really cannot be used on its own as it had to be operated by the system remote that came with the 66 preamp. But as it was the next successor to the legendary FM 4 tuner, it had big shoes to fill.

With only one button on the front, which is the power on/off button and a pair of analog outputs and a 75 ohm coaxial aerial socket on the back, it was a very simply laid out tuner. Radio station selection and scanning was instructed by the remote and so was the memory setting. The 66 tuner with 20 presets, was considerably more than the six found on the FM 4. So this was one huge advantage over the FM 4. Sound wise, when affixed to a good antenna, the 66 tuner performed admirably. Signal pull was strong and playback was clear and crisp (unless you are in a poor location). To us, it was a worthy replacement over the FM 4. It was not an inexpensive tuner at $1200 MSRP and some of you may balk at spending that much for a tuner but if you are a radio fan and have $300 to spend, you won’t regret getting the 66 tuner.

We are including a brand new system remote with it so it will work on its own and in any system.