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Purity Audio Design has been making some really high end preamp/amp pieces that range in price from $5,000 to $35,000. The PSE300B you see here are their flagship and most expensive amps in their lineup. They produce 18W of beautiful parallel SET sound via its two 300B tubes, 6SN7 driver tube and 5U4GB rectification tube. If you have a pair of efficient and easy load speakers, they will be one of the best amps out there you can pair them with. When Purist Audio showcased them in audio shows with their Silver Statement preamp, they were easily the best sounding combo in the $50,000 preamp/power amp category. They have an uncanny ability to reproduce music with such natural ease and realism (especially vocals) you could almost feel the singer in your room. The bass on these 300B amps are incredible! The amps are solidly constructed with an all black industrial design (all steel chassis) that gives them an “ominous” presence. Current hours on the 300B tubes are about 180 hours so plenty of life left. But like all used tube gears, we always recommend having a new pair of tubes around to replace when the time comes so your enjoyment of these amps will not be interrupted.

Cosmetically, the unit looks really good with one careful owner. Amps will be securely boxed for safe shipping (they are shipped in two boxes). Local pickup from our store can be arranged.