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This is a custom ordered Y-Splitter XLR cable that a customer of ours ordered to make it possible to run a pair of stereo amps via his preamp. If your current preamp only has a pair of XLR outputs and you would like to run a pair of stereo amps or four monoblocks that is in a biamp configuration, than this is the finest Y-Splitter cable you can get at this price. The female ends go into your typical XLR preout on your preamp and the four male ends either go straight into the amps or if the available 16″ length is not long enough, you can have your XLR cable plugged into the male ends of the PAD cable.

Y-Splitter cables are a dime a dozen but a high end Y-Splitter cable is less common. They are usually custom ordered. Cosmetically, the cables are in very good condition. Some scuff marks on the XLR plugs from use but nothing major. Cables will be securely packed for safe shipping.