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No intro needed here. This is one of the earlier great cables from Purist Audio Design. Designed to complement components of the highest caliber, the Dominus Revision B was one of the best cable to get for under $10,000. The sonic attribute of the Dominus Revision B is its transparency, full bodied sound and a very soulful demeanor. Imaging was better captured and portrayed in our listening room when used between the BAT VK-5i preamp and the monstrous VK-500 dual mono stereo amp. These are really thick interconnect cables so make sure you have plenty of room behind your rack to allow the cables to coil around your components “naturally”. These are high end cables at mid-fi prices now!

Cosmetically, the cables are in very good condition. Some scuff marks on the XLR connectors but everything else on the cable has been refreshed by Purist Audio Design. Cables have new fiber outer sleeves and just filled with their latest ferrox filling (see their website for detailed explanation on this). Original packaging included and cables will be securely packed for safe shipping.