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They don’t make power cords like this anymore. Which is why this Ultimate Lab AC cord is a collector’s item and has a cult like following out there. This AC cord is the more desirable version because it is the more component friendly 15 amp version. When PS Audio launched this a while back in limited edition, they were quickly sold out. Its $1,400 MSRP was a ridiculous bargain when you factor in the thick gauge ultra shielded power cord, Ultimate Outlet Power Coupler and the quickest current delivery found on any AC cord. Add how each unit is hand made and then this becomes the undisputed bargain in AC cords. We only have one and chances of another one passing through our hands will be as rare as hen’s teeth. So don’t miss this one out!

Although it works best with amps, we tried it with preamps and source units with good results too. But its when it is hooked up to an amp you hear the darker background, the lower noise floor and just the open backdrop in the music.

Cosmetically, the cable looks good. Some scuff marks on the outlet coupler and some “rubbing” on the fiber weaving on the outer jacket but nothing that impacts its performance. As the cable is pretty stiff and “large”, it will be packed in an oversize box to ensure safe shipping.