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The Plus AC cord is the “starter” model of PS Audio’s PCOCC single crystal copper conductor range of power cables. It has the same 10 gauge you would find on the Prelude (also for sale in another listing) but the Prelude uses OFC copper conductors instead. The Plus also have better shielding which is why it is almost double the price of the Prelude. The Plus has two bigger brothers above it, the Statement and the Premier which are essentially thicker versions of the Plus at 9 gauge and 7 gauge respectively. The prices for those jump considerably too at $564 and $1,394 (for the same 1.5m) for the Statement and the Premier. Now, if you don’t need the heavier gauge of those two but want something better than the Prelude, the Plus is a cost effective choice. It works well with any components but we would pair it with high current devices like power amps and integrated amps.

Cable has the usual scuff marks on its connectors and a few fiber frails but overall looks really good. Cable will be securely packed for safe shipping.