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The P10 you see here was recently replaced by the P15 (which sells for $7,500 now!) and was just one level down from the massive P20. In itself, the P10 is also an equally massive unit especially when you compare to the Power Plant Premier. This is where the difference between the two could not be even more “day and night”. The P10 has evolved so much that the Power Plant Premier looks like something that was assembled in a garage. Built and finish (it is heavier than most $5,000 power amp) is amongst the best in the industry and is befitting of its $5,000 price tag. Reliability has also improved considerably over the Power Plant Premier. With the capacity to regenerate 1,500W of pure power,  it can almost power anything and supply any components that are plugged into it with the cleanest AC current possible. Touchscreen front display allows user interface with its many features (pls read more about them on PS Audio’s website as it would be too much to list it down here properly) and functions.

Cosmetically, the unit looks good. Minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. The P10 is a big and hefty unit so shipping will not be cheap. We will however, securely pack it for safe shipping.