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This is a one week old, barely used NuWave DSD DAC that a customer of ours traded it in for the top the line DirectStream DAC ($6,000 MSRP). The NuWave DSD DAC is every bit as impressive as the more expensive DirectStream DAC with its exceptional clarity, detail and three dimensional imaging but naturally, at its $1,300 MSRP, certain “corners” have to be cut. So If you have the budget for the DirectStream DAC, its a damn good DAC to own. But if your budget is under $2,000 and you want to get the best DAC you can buy for under $2,000, the NuWave DSD DAC is it. We have both the DirectStream and NuWave DAC if you plan on getting one of them. But price and listing here is for the NuWave DSD DAC.

Original box and manual included. It could pass off as an almost brand new unit!