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If you remember PS Audio’s Power Plant Premier from a couple of years back, you would appreciate how far along the DirectStream P20 Power Plant you see here has progressed since that time. It is brutally heavier, bigger and with a much higher current capability, the P20 Power Plant not only cleans and stabilize the voltage going into light demand units like the CD player, preamp, turntable etc but it will also provide the same clean current to high demand gears like integrated amps and power amps. Previously, the Power Plant Premier did not have the “juice” to give to amps but with the P20 and its impressive 70 amp peak and 2000VA current delivery, you can have any amps plugged into it. In fact, you can plug up to 16 components to it! The digital touch screen display on the front can be changed to display different info which was amazingly helpful when you want to get a read on the voltage coming in and how the P20 is cleaning it up before discharging it out through its outlets. The remote control makes it even more convenient where you can make changes on the outlets or switching through the info from your listening chair. Big beefy rack handles in the front and carrying handles in the back is a true blessing when you have to lift this monster up.

Cosmetically, the unit looks good. Some scuff marks here and there but nothing major. The P20 is a big and hefty unit so shipping will not be cheap. We will however, securely pack it for safe shipping. Local pickup from our store preferred and welcomed.