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Prior to the DirectStream, there were only a handful of DACs that could be stamped “State of the Art”. Many of these have the impressive five figure price tag. Until PS Audio launched this DirectStream DAC. We have always love the “budget” priced Digital Link III and the mid-price PerfeactWave DAC but after listening to the DirectStream, we were floored. The DirectStream had an incredible transparency and such high level of details that even our current high end favorite – dCS’s Debussy, almost paled in comparison. If you go on to PS Audio’s website and read about the technology that goes in to it, you will be (just like we did) very impressed with the amount of engineering that went into it. There are cheaper and lesser alternatives out there, like Sony’s HI-REZ Music Player but the sound quality is a day and night difference.

We have two units for sale – one black and one silver. Both units are brand new. Pictures you see here are for representation only since they are new in the box.