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If the purest form of signal transference is your ultimate goal, the Copper MKII passive preamp is one of the best money can buy. Not too long ago, we were bowled by Promitheus’s TVC preamp and Channel Island’s PLC-1 but the Copper MKII up the ante and opened another quadrant in the universe that we never thought existed. The transparency and clarity were steps above what the Promitheus and Channel Island offered. Absence of any sonic signature is the hallmark of this preamp. With a good source unit and power amp, the “simple” Copper MKII can weave a magical atmosphere of music with all its purity intact. The unit has both XLR and RCA inputs (2 pairs of XLR and 4 pairs of RCA) and XLR and RCA outputs (1 pair each), the Copper MKII is as flexible as any preamp out there. A gain toggle switch on the rear was extremely useful in boosting up the sound level and proved very handy when pairing with different sources and amps.

Cosmetically, the unit looks good. Some minor scuff marks here and there from use but nothing major. Built and finish is top class from its factory in the UK. We don’t have the original packaging but will securely pack this for safe shipping.