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The AVP2 you see here is the top gun of the range. This has the six channel input (unlike the regular AVP2) which was very useful if you have a SACD or DVD player that offers six channel output which is why it is called the AVP2+6. At $7,000 MSRP back then, it is the far cheaper cousin to Mark Levinson’s No.40 AV preamp but without sacrificing much in terms of technology. And as a single chassis unit, it is a much easier piece to install on your rack. Sonically, this is an audio champ whether you plan to use it as a stereo preamp or an AV preamp. It is incredibly detailed, focused and accurate. For under $1,500 now, this is a former high end piece at a bargain price now. The only conundrum with it is that it needs to be attached to a monitor where you can then program which input gets what and which output goes where. Which would have been fine if you have an older monitor that accepts coaxial or S-Video inputs. Most newer monitors stopped offering these inputs and mainly have HDMI or component video. So, bear that in mind if you plan to get this for your system or purchase a HDMI converter. We have currently preset all the inputs with a mix of analog and digital inputs so it is ready to roll in to your system.

Cosmetically, the unit is in really great shape. We have the original box, manual (very important piece to properly setup the unit) and remote and will have it securely packed for safe shipping.