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The Proac Response 2 was one of the best selling monitor speakers during the great years of British hifi. It sounded “bigger” and “louder” than most monitor speakers as if it was a mid-size floorstander. In fact, you might make that mistake if you were listening to it under a blind listening test. Bass was vibrant and deep, the mid-range was forward sounding and well layered and the highs were sweet and smooth. Speakers does require some good solid power to sound its best. 50W or more is highly recommended. Nominal impedance was 8 ohms and sensitivity is 86dB. Frequency response is between 55Hz – 20KHz.  Heavy, well damped stands are mandatory to bring out the tightness and focus on the soundstage. Front port allows for close positioning to the rear which does help reinforce the bottom end so some experimentation is required in your room. Small and medium size rooms are the most optimum configuration for these speakers.

Cosmetically, the speakers look fair. Some scuff marks and fine scratches on the edges and cabinet that is typical of a speaker this vintage. The foam surrounds around the tweeter has decimated somewhat and the mid/woofer driver has been professionaly re-foamed by Miller Sound. So these speakers are good for many more years to come. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack them for safe shipping.