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The Pro-Ject┬áRM10 is a pretty substantial turntable for the money. But at the $3,000 – $5,000 range, it faces a lot of competition. The RM10 basically comes as a “three” piece setup – separate motor, platter/tonearm setup and the Pro-Ject’s Ground It base platform (which the platter/tonearm setup sits on). The tonearm is a Pro-Ject Carbon 10″ arm. Setup is very easy and straightforward. All it needs is a new cartridge and you are good to go. We have tried this with a Benz Micro and Lyra cartridges and they work very well with it. Loads of analog appeal when a good cartridge is used. Brand new belt and anti-skate counterweight included.

Cosmetically, there are some scratches on the Ground It base platform with one corner having the worst of it. It is not noticeable from the front if you position that corner at the back of the setup. Rest of the turntable looks good. We have the original outer box but will wrapped that up with another box to ensure safe delivery.