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The Pro-Ject PRE Box RS is quite a fascinating preamp. This a two chassis combo with the optional beefier separate power supply (RS Uni) that also acts as a power conditioner for the PRE Box RS. With six line inputs – three pairs of RCA in and three pairs of XLR in, the PRE Box RS has more inputs than its compact size suggest. There is also a pair of fixed RCA out for connection to a tape recorder. Variable output is only via a pair of XLR outputs. If your power amp only has RCA in, you would need to use a XLR/RCA adapter.

Sound quality from this preamp is nothing short of mesmerizing. It has a warm, rich midrange with a deep and tight bass and sweet highs. The richly textured mids can be attributed to its use of dual 6922 (ECC88) which you can tube roll to “customized” a sound that best suit your preference. Built quality is first class with a solid feel all around.

Cosmetically, the PRE Box RS is in very good condition. Very minor marks from use. We have the original boxes and the umbilical cord. Remote control is an optional device (not included) that you can order from Pro-Ject. Units will be securely double boxed for shipping.