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The Pro-Ject Debut III is the David (as in David vs Goliath) of turntables. Don’t be fooled by its lowly MSRP and sweep this off your shopping listĀ of turntables. Sure it looks simple and even lightweight but once you set it up on a sturdy table and put down a good vinyl record, you will be blown off your chair for its truly analog sound. The Ortofon OM5E cartridge is factory installed and is a decent basic cartridge to make the overall turntable package a “ready to play out of the box” turntable. There have been many feedbacks on upgrading the cartridge where the standard of the turntable is elevated many folds. So that is something you may want to experiment in the future.

This turntable you see here is about 3 months old with maybe 20 hours on the cartridge. The previous owner was its first owner and bought this to get into vinyl and loved it so much that he immediately went out to purchase a much more expensive turntable. As you can see from the pictures, this is a solid 9/10 condition table. It could have passed off as 10/10 but we usually reserved that for brand new in the box units. We have the original box and manual and everything you see in the pictures is what you will be receiving.