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The Primare I30 is an integrated amp that has earned big accolades around the World for its sonic purity and first class built quality. The integrated amp is simple enough with just three knobs on the front fascia that basically does input selection, volume control and power on/off. There is no masking its intention of only providing an undiluted sound to the end user by keeping its design pure and simple and this it does with high marks. From the first five minutes of listening, we were impressed with how well controlled the integrated amp was. It had an authoritative sound that kept the musical score with a finely balanced presentation. Bass was tight and powerful and the mids warm and rich. The highs were smooth and nicely rolled off with no harshness. Transparency and clarity was exceptional for an amp costing under $3,000 MSRP. Power output is a robust 100W in 8 ohm or 180W in 4 0hm.

Cosmetically, the unit looks really good. Just very minor scuff marks common with use. Nothing major. Original remote is included. Manual is available online but the unit is very straightforward in terms of setup. Unit will be securely pack for safe shipping.