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This is one amazing tube integrated amp. Not only is it sonically superior sounding when compared to other tube amps – integrated and power amps, at this price point, it is also tremendously flexible and very well designed. The original non-HP model was already an award winning piece but PrimaLune pushed the envelope and made it even better. PrimaLuna has listened to its customers and made the DiaLogue Premium compatible with KT88, KT120 KT150 and EL34 tubes with just a flip of a switch on the side. With its proprietary Adaptive Auto Bias Circuitry, changing between these tubes is just a matter of swapping out the tubes and you are done. The circuitry in the amp will auto adjust accordingly to the tubes installed. The integrated amp is also switchable between Ultra-Linear and Triode mode via the remote control and depending on the tubes installed will offer a variety of power output which has grown considerably over their earlier model with the use of larger power transformers (older model’s power output in bracket beside its current power output), see below (rated at 8 ohms);

KT120 Ultra-Linear: 89W(43.2W)  Triode: 51W(11.2W)
KT88 Ultra-Linear:  73W (35.7W)  Triode: 42W (12.5W)
EL34  Ultra-Linear: 70W(32W)      Triode:  40W(12.7W)

Tubes in the input stage are six 12AU7 tubes and the current output tubes installed are eight EL34s (compared to four in the non-HP version). PrimaLuna has also added an output stage protection circuitry to automatically shut the amp down when the output tubes are bad. The internal wirings are also Swiss derived OFC copper with silver plating. Sonically, with all these goodies inside, the amp is pure musical joy. Depending on the output tubes used and your listening taste, you can choose between EL34s which has a smooth warm mid-range and KT88s or KT120s and KT150s for a more dynamic punch and wider extension. If you have a collection of all these four tubes, you would be very busy with this amp as you would be swapping the tubes and enjoying the best of each. But best of all, the improved electrical circuitry inside allowed extended lifespan of the power tubes being used. So the need to replace them is less frequent. PrimaLuna also added a headphone feature which should appeal to headphone amp connoisseurs. PrimaLuna even boasted their headphone output stage beating other specialty headphone amp manufacturers that sells for thousands more!

Cosmetically, the unit is in very nice shape. We have the original manual, remote and box. Unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.