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The Prologue Premium CD player is a much improved player over their previous model, the Classic. It did tag on a $1,000 price increase but with this surcharge, came larger dual mono power supplies, upgraded parts, improved analog stage, the use of two Super Tube Clock to reduce jitter even further and the use of four 12AU7 dual-triode tubes instead of two in the Classic (it basically had two 12AU7 and two 12AX7). The same dual 5AR4 rectifier tubes remained the same.

Sonically, the Prologue Premium further improves on the smooth lush sound of the Classic. If you want a CD player that is merciless with detail extraction, this player is not for you. The Prologue Premium is more about enjoying CD in an almost vinyl like way. Being that the output stages goes through the tubes, it does require a bit of patience after the unit is turned on to allow the tubes to settle down and get into their optimum operating temperature. Once that is achieved (about 30-45 mins), the music texture is better defined, imaging is a bit more more wholesome and the bass exhibited a bit more weight. The USB input is a convenient and nice addition for those who likes to stream music from a PC and wants to “naturalize” the digital bits through its tube output stage.

Cosmetically, the unit is in very nice shape with just the usual minor scuff marks common with use. One owner since new and the laser assembly was replaced about a year ago (so the unit is good to soldier on for many more years to come). We have the original box and remote for it.