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For just under $800 now, you could own this fabulous 4-piece speaker system that consists of two powered (300W) subwoofer towers and two matching monitor speakers that sits on top of the subwoofers. In each subwoofer are two 8″ polymer/graphite cones and in the monitor speakers, two 6.5″ midrange woofers and one 1″ dome tweeter. So in total, ten drivers in all. Frequency response is an amazing 18 Hz-26 KHz with a nominal impedance of 8 ohms and a sensitivity of 92dB. If these specs so far doesn’t convince you that these are the best bang for buck speakers you can buy for under $800, you just need to spend ten minutes listening to them and you will be ready to fork out the $800.

The RT-3000P was never designated to be a reference standard speaker of the highest caliber but they were the ones that offered a challenge to other sub-$4,000 speakers (back in its heyday) on how much more volume, scale, depth and dynamic presence it is capable of producing. Bass was bone shaking deep (very well thought out level control on the front make finer adjustments so much easier) and the seamless crossover into the mids and highs in the monitor speakers truly transform the whole stage presence of the music it puts forth.

Cosmetically, the speakers look good. Minor scuff marks here and there and a few tiny knicks but nothing major. We don’t have the original box or manual but will securely pack them for safe shipping. Pickup from our store welcomed. 115v or 230v switch on the back means that the subwoofer can be used anywhere in the World!