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To a certain degree, this is the British’s answer to Magnepan speakers. Its also a panel based speaker except the panel in Podium speakers are one single “huge” and thin “membrane” that is suspended within the speaker frame and made to radiate when signals are fed in. There are no crossovers. Frequency response is 35Hz to 20KHz with a sensitivity of 100dB. Nominal impedance is about 6 ohm. Each speaker is about 4’8″ tall, 24″ wide and 14″ deep with the supporting steel spine taken into measure. Because of its large radiating front panel and rear field, the speakers can create a large soundstage that is only limited by the size of the room it is in. The lack of crossovers means music is played out seamlessly across the frequency. To our ears, they offer a more detailed, slightly sharper sound than Magnepans where they are stellar in the mid-range but a bit too smooth in terms of details. These speakers (like Magnepans) do need room to “breathe” and sound their best. Ideal setup would be at least a 3 feet distance from the rear and side wall for each speaker. A slight toe in might be necessary depending on your room size but once in place, they will deliver a musical scale that will amaze you. Vocals and jazz music through these speakers are thoroughly enjoyable at the highest order. Bass was not as voluminous as cone based speaker drivers and may not “rumble” like a 12″ cone woofer so adding a subwoofer is not a bad idea.  Mids and highs were crystal clear and detailed.

Cosmetically, the unit is in great shape. Minor scuff marks here and there and a bit of fabric stain on the rear but nothing major. These were former dealer demos. We have the original box and due to their size, would need to be shipped strapped on a pallet. Local pickup is much preferred.