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This is the legendary power amp from Plinius. It has evolved over the years into various version with the MK.III you see here as the final iteration of the legendary series. In 8 ohms, the amp is capable of 100W and 160w in 4 ohm and if you find another unit and run them in bridge mode, they can reach 400W easily. These are incredible numbers especially for an amp that operates in Class A. Which is why it has massive heat sinks that covers the entire sides of the amp. The amp has a massive transformer to pump up all that power and is the main contributor to its 70 lb weight. If you find the heat dissipated by the amp is too much for comfort, you can toggle switch it into Class AB via a switch in the front. That brings down the “temps” tremendously albeit with a small sacrifice in the mid-range warmth and lushness. Regardless, the SA-100 is a powerful sounding amp. It puts out a dynamic soundstage that really brings the “live” sound into your room. Many people have compared it with the likes from Mark Levinson, Krell and Pass Labs and although they all sound equally good with their own respective strengths and weaknesses, the SA-100 has its own die hard, loyal followers. And for good reasons. You would be hard pressed to find any of those “NEW” amps out in the market now that retails for $1,500 that has the same battleship built quality and sound.

Cosmetically, the amp is in fair condition. There are some scuff marks/nicks here and there that are common with amps in this vintage but still looks pretty presentable. The last left rear heat sinks is slightly dinged but is barely noticeable from the front. We do not have the original box but will securely pack it for safe shipping.