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This is one of the great classic pieces from the Nineties. Extremely well made in an all aluminum chassis, the M12P was a wonderful sounding preamp that was great with turntables and CDs. Designed without a remote feature, the M12P was kept to its “bare” minimal circuitry to preserve its purity in sound reproduction. And this was powerfully conveyed when we paired both a turntable and CD player with it. With CD, there was this clean, transparent sound that allows it to standout from other preamps in the same price range. With a turntable, the M12P prefers a cartridge that has an output of 1.5mV and more. The grounding terminal on the rear is missing the screw on nut which you can get a typical nut from a hardware shop to go over it. There are loading options – 10 Ohms to 1K Ohms internally on the phono board itself which you can turn on and off. We had the Oracle Paris turntable plugged to it and it had a pretty good analog sound going for it. Not in the same league as a $3,000 separate phono pre and preamp combo but still remarkable for a under $1,500 all-in-one preamp.

Cosmetically, the M12P is in very nice shape. Minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. We have a copy of the manual for it and will have it securely packed for safe shipping. The big sorbothane feet (helps absorb any unwanted vibrations) that was put on by the previous owner will be included.