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We all know that the bigger the center channel speaker, the better the movie watching experience. And few does it better than the Pioneer S-7EX you see here. This was previously used at a dealer’s showroom where it included the S-1EX floorstanders (as the front L and R channels) and S-4EX monitor speakers (as the rear channels). Together, with a projector imposed 150″ screen, it was easily one of the most accurate, in-your face setup we have ever experienced. With any action scenes, we felt like we were right in the middle of it. Sounds that traveled across the room and from front to back or vice versa was immediate and impressively surreal. The S-7EX carried dialogue very well too. The size and imaging lived up to the big 150″ screen that sat above it. It had very good room dispersion and projection so a good size room is required to allow the S-7EX to “act out”.

Physically, the S-7EX is fairly large – 32″ wide, 12″ tall and 18″ deep and weighs a hefty 86lb. Frequency response is a very impressive (for a center speaker) 34Hz to 100KHz. Nominal impedance is 6 ohms with a sensitivity of 89.5dB. Its a true 3-way design with the midrange driver and tweeter housed together in its concentric driver layout. The tweeter is a beryllium dome tweeter and the midrange is a magnesium cone driver (both of which are used in the other speakers in the setup). The twin 7″ Aramid cone drivers pick up the bass duties. Cosmetically, the speaker looks good. There is a minor corner ding on the left side bottom edge and minor scuff marks elsewhere. Grille cover and original boxes included. Two securing pegs are missing but the two that are present secures the grille cover with no issue. Also included at our asking price is the matching stand (New in the box) that retails for $1,200. This is like the complete center channel setup that will differentiate how you enjoy your movie watching experience.

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