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This is another speaker from not too long ago where speakers were built to sound great at great expense. If Pioneer had these built now, it would easily be in the $10,000 range. The TZ-9LTD is an incredible speaker when they are paired with a top notch audio player and amplification. Add the right size room and finely adjusted positioning, these speaker will blow away anything you have heard for under $5,000 (our asking price of $2,000 is an absolute steal!). In fact, we had them placed side by side with a pair of B&W 804 Diamond and the Pioneer trounces the B&W in the bass and mid-range sections. The highs were a toss up. The B&W sounded sharper but the Pioneer had a smoother roll off. As we crank up the volume, the Pioneer showed a more substantive increase in every portion of the frequency curve. Bass was more voluminous, the mids became richer and the highs more detailed whereas the B&W was more constant, just louder. Both speakers are really good so it all boils down to a matter of personal taste. Of course in terms of badge pride, there is no beating B&W but if you are adventurous and want to go off tangent and get an equally impressive sounding speaker, there is this Pioneer.

Cosmetically, the speaker looks really good. Minor scuff marks here and there with the ones on the top being more visible than the rest. Some polishing will conceal most of the swirl marks that are usually common with a gloss black finish. The red and black plastic caps that go over the speaker binding posts came loose and got lost when it was ins storage but the metal nut is there so it will still tighten and secure any speaker cables that has spades. Dust cap on the bass woofer on one speaker is a bit depressed and the dry condition in storage has made the paint over the dust cap a bit flaky.  No grille covers at the moment but if the previous owner finds it, we will give them to you. These are substantially heavier speaker over the B&W so local pickup is preferred or freight shipping is required.