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This is a very rare find where the turntable is in absolutely gorgeous condition. If you see the pictures, even the inside of the platter area is spotlessly clean. The turntable is very easy to use which kind of belies the “high-tech” technology that went into the building of this classy direct drive turntable. It functions almost like a CD player where the platter slides out and then you place the record on it and hit the play button. The turntable than takes care of the rest. There is no hiding the “analog” nature of this turntable. The moment you hear it, you know its vinyl. There is no digital harshness or exacting musical notes to the point where it is almost faultless. This is music that is compromised and yet sounds delightfully natural. This is an excellent collector’s item.

Cosmetically, the unit is in very good shape. Minor scuff marks here (minor scratch mark on the top cover) and there but nothing major. We don’t have the transit locking screws so this is for sale with local pickup or delivery within 50 miles of Fort Lee, NJ.