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The PD-F27 CD changer is essentially a 300 + 1 CD player. The carousel CD loader has a “dedicated” single disc slot for those who just want to play one CD at a time and a 300 slot for those who wants to go crazy and load up their entire collection (or at least part of) inside (which is why it is a 300+1). The unit also has a coaxial and toslink digital output if you want to pair this with an external DAC for a higher level of music quality, But we are happy with it as is (uses the Hi-Bit Legato Link conversion) and the flexibility in going hours on hours of music is a huge advantage over other changers with less capacity.

Cosmetically, the unit has some scuff marks on the top chassis cover which a light coat of spray paint will easily conceal. Otherwise, the unit looks pretty good.  A Pioneer remote control is included which works fine with the basic functions but with limited CD selection. We inserted two CDs into slot 263 and 268 and the changer was able to track and read them with no issue. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this for safe shipping.