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Up till the Nineties, the C-91 preamp you see here was Pioneer’s most expensive preamp and their “breakthrough” product into the high-end. It was solidly built and as a system with the other products from their Elite series like the PD-93 CD player and M-90 stereo amp, was one of the best system you could buy for under $5,000. Each component was a winner in its own right. The C-91 has a beautiful transparent sound with clean detailed highs. Bass was tight and punchy without us making any adjustment through its tone controls. Audiophile purist may frown on its multi-faceted controls for just about everything but as far as we are concern, it was designed to bring out the best in musical enjoyment.

Cosmetically, the preamp looks really good. Minor scuff marks here and there and the top plate has slight depressions in spots but nothing major. We don’t have the original box ¬†or remote but will securely pack this fairly hefty preamp for safe shipping.