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This is another masterpiece from Pioneer. It was a worthy alternative to the likes of Nakamichi and Revox and sonically rivals them with ease. The deck has a dazzling array of controls to get the best of cassette. Like the CT-F950 we have for sale in another listing, the CT-F1000 is also a front loader. Its a manual front loading design (not the drawer eject design seen on other decks) which allows easy tape head access for cleaning. With more finer controls for recording, the CT-F1000 is the deck of choice if your goal is to have a top notch recording machine. And to show that this is the more “serious” machine, it has SPL meters instead of signal bars seen in the CT-F950. This unit was restored 2 years ago by its previous owner so it operates just as smoothly as it did years ago when it was unboxed for the first time. The CT-F1000 is more than just a nostalgic machine. The analog sound from cassette deck is a refreshing change to the many digital format so widely available in the industry now. The CT-F1000 you see here has been selling well above its MSRP with one recently selling near $900 (and some even asking for $3,000!). Even the rack handles can fetch more than $200 when sold on its own. So for under $600 now, this is quite the steal.

Cosmetically, the deck looks good for its age. Minor scuff marks here and there and some wear on the wooden cabinet but nothing major. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack it for safe shipping. We also have a restored CT-F950 in another listing!