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In the reference amps category, the MSB Technology’s M203 is arguably one of the more eye catching models on offer. Looking like “miniature” nuclear devices, the M203 is a definite conversation starter in any audio room. And the conversation does not stop there once they are fired up. With at least 200W in 8 ohms and easily diving down to 1 ohm with ease, the M203 are serious reference standard power amps that would rival the best out there. They may not be on par with the Burmester 909 MKIIIA (that we also have for sale) but is an interesting alternative for the audiophile who has a budget for $15,000 power amps. The M203 puts up with a very strong and convincing performance of power. Bass was strongly rooted down with a tight and fast response. Mids were clean and well defined with the highs clear and precise. Amps are switchable between “High Bias” and “Normal Bias” but we used them mainly in the former setting. Each amp is about 90 lbs and takes up one square foot of space with a height of 18″. MSB offers a full M204 upgrade on these amps where the cylindrical heatsink shell is the only piece that is not changed. Everything inside is gutted out and the electronics of the M204 is transplanted inside. Considering the M204 sells for $40,000 and the upgrade cost is $12,000 (pls check with manufacturer if the price tag has changed since we last checked), you could be saving $13,000 when you get these and upgrade it to the full M204 specs.

Cosmetically, the amps are in very nice condition. Some minor scuff marks here and there and a few tiny nicks along the heatsink edges but nothing major. It had only one owner from NEW and they will be shipped freight with the each amp housed in their original crates and then strapped on a pallet.