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The Peachtree iDac is not a ground breaking product since there are sop many DAC converters out there all catering to the iPod. But it distinguishes itself from the rest of the pack (a very crowded one I may add) on the virtue of how good it sounds and how it elevates the iPod to an actual “hifi” system component that would do justice in any respectable hifi system. Setup is easy and with the handy remote control. You can toggle any song you have on your iPod and then sit back and enjoy. The iDac greatly improves how the iPod sounded if you have been just using its mini-jack to RCA cable to pass through the sound to your system. Music had more weight, fuller mid-range and a more impactful bass via the iDac. Pricing in the price of an iPod and you have a source unit that is just under $1300. Very much comparable to any CD player out there in the same price bracket but the iPod/iDac combo will blow the CD player away with its easy access to thousands of song without the need to keep changing CDs. A flexibility that makes the iDac combination a clear winner.

This unit is in good condition with some light scuff marks here and there. The front right corner has a small ding where the acrylic edge suffered a small crack. Not very visible until you get real close. The glossy black finish kind of masked it. Other than this, the overall unit looks good and we have priced it accordingly. Please see pictures. We have the original box, manual and remote and will securely double box it for safe shipping.