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The Design 5 monitor speaker from Peachtree Audio is a well executed design. Quality materials used throughout and a great sound to boot, makes it a very accomplished monitor speaker. We had just sold our demo cherrywood pair and just took this gloss black pair out or the box for pictures and a quick sound test. The speakers were brand new. Compared to Totem’s Model 1 Signature and The One, the D5 was every bit as good if not better than the Model 1 Signature and almost as good as The One. But the D5 cost way more lesser. Bass was authoritative and deeper than both Totem speakers and enjoyed the same lush mid-range sound. The highs were a bit smoother and less sharp but it blended nicely. This is still a current model and will be a great addition to a mid-fi system in a small to medium size room. Heavy, sturdy stands highly recommended to tigthen the soundstage. Nominal impedance is about 6 ohms and sensitivity is 85dB. Recommended power is 50W and more.

Speakers were brand new and only taken out of the box for pictures you see here and a short audio test.