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NVA has been the quiet giant slayer of amps. Anyone who is familiar with the British audio scene will greatly appreciate what NVA has to offer. Unlike Exposure, Naim and Cyrus, NVA does very little marketing on their products but they have been catching the attention of many audio reviewers and users since the Eighties. Richard Dunn the engineer and owner of NVA is a very respected audiophile and has produced some of the best amps, preamps and even CD players seen and heard anywhere.

His approach has always been simplicity, short signal paths and the best materials/parts that money can buy within reason and affordability. You won’t find NVA amps that cost tens of thousands of dollars but when you listen to one, you would think they cost like one.

The A40 monoblock amps you see here are 40W per channel. They were used in conjunction with another pair of A40 with their P90 passive preamp in a bi-amp configuration to drive my floorstanding speakers. I have changed the speakers to a pair of bookshelves and don’t need to bi-amp them so one pair is for sale. Unlike 99% of amps out there, the A40 is encased in acrylic with no screws so that there is no hint of metal to “corrupt” the signal path. Just pure signal in and pure signal out. They sound remarkably robust (belies their 40W rating), transparent and a slight tinge of warmth. Amps itself have a small footprint that is a real space saver. I am the original owner of these amps and were ordered direct from Richard Dunn as 115V versions.

These are the best monoblock amps you can buy for under $500!