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This is one of the greatest preamps under $2,000. Period. Amazing transparency, speed and details for a ridiculous price of $1,600 MSRP. It even has a very capable phono stage that is factory optimized for MM or medium and high output MC catridges. Input impedance is factory set for 47k ohm. Just the phono stage alone is worth the $1,600 MSRP in our opinion. The AUX input, where we plugged in the CD player, just highlights how adaptable the preamp is to different mediums. With its wider frequency range, the DMC-10 picked up everything the silver disc threw at it. So if your system comprised of a turntable and a CD player, the DMC-10 is an impressive preamp that sounds more like a budget reference preamp. We also have the DMC-20 preamp that retails for more than four times the price of this DMC-10 but in no way sounds four times better. In this respect, the DMC-10 is an absolute bargain.┬áIf you currently have a system that is around $10 – $15,000, go for the DMC-20 but if your system is under $8,000, the DMC-10 would be prefect. Preamp was recently sent in to their service center in NYC for a full service (no expense spared!) where it was fully re-capped (40 caps in all!), resistors replaced and biased back to original factory spec. Now the unit operates like new!

Cosmetically, the preamp is in very nice shape. Minor scuff marks/nicks from use but nothing major. Preamp will be securely packed for safe shipping.