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The Prologue/Ensemble PA-1 is like the bookshelf version of the Primadonna speakers. Both are highly regarded speakers from the late Nineties and would still rival many newer offerings that you see in the market today. With a Gorlich 4.75″ woofer and a 0.75″ soft dome tweeter, the 9″ wide, 8.25″ deep and 14″ tall bookshelf speakers projected a soundstage that was much larger than its physical size may suggest. Soundstage was wide and deep with an intimately engaging 3D image when the speakers are positioned optimally and driven with a good source and amp unit. Deep bass may be lacking so if you listen to a lot of bass heavy music, you might want to add an active subwoofer. The rear mounted horse racing tracking bass radiator does help somewhat in adding volume to the bottom notes but if you need something more impactful, adding a subwoofer is a good option. But if you are in to vocals, jazz and light orchestra music, the speakers 60 Hz to 20 kHz frequency range proved to be more than sufficient (for us at least). Impedance is an easy 6 ohm with a sensitivity of 89 dB. A pair of strong sturdy stands are strongly recommended to anchor and isolate the speakers to cut a more defined image. Compared to the Proac Tablette that we also have for sale in another listing, the Proac is a quicker and more punchy sounding speaker but the PA-1 is smoother, has a more silky midrange and sweeter highs. So depending on your taste and music genre that you listen most, take your pick with either and you would probably be happy with your choice.

Cosmetically, the speakers are in good shape for their vintage. Some minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. One of the speaker’s bass radiator has a little surface wrinkle but no impact on performance. Speakers will be securely packed for safe shipping.