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This is the phono stage that trumped the long standing XONO with slightly better sonics and incredibly, a lower MSRP. It may not have the dual chassis design of the XONO but has been improved in the areas that makes it the better phono preamp (in our opinion). Specs wise, they share many similarities like its 40 dB to 76 dB gain offering, input impedance adjustments from 5 ohm to 47K ohm for MC and a fixed 47K ohm for MM and an output impedance of 300/300 ohms. Perhaps the greatest improvement was placing the dip switches on the rear panel of the XP-15 instead of internally as found in the XONO. This made adjustments to best suit the cartridge in use so much more easier and convenient. Output is via a pair of single ended or balanced but input is single ended only.

As good as the XONO sounded, the XP-15 had slightly better resolution and a warmer but better defined mid-range and highs. Condition of the phono preamp is very good. Just light signs of use and the occasional scuff marks typical from use. We have the original box and will securely pack it for safe shipping.