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The XA25 Class A amp checked many boxes for us. Its massively overbuilt, has reference standard transparency, class leading Class A sound and all these for an almost “budget” price tag of $4,900. Pass Labs may have cut out some of the fills like power meters, XLR inputs and kept its power output conservative to keep its price tag low but this amp is anything but a budget price reference amp. In fact, Stereophile and Absolute Sound magazine rated it as the most transparent sounding amp regardless of any price. Its 25W in 8 ohm, 50W in 4 ohm and 100W in 2 ohm sounded more powerful than its spec numbers especially when it is paired with efficient speakers. Bass had a lot of volume and the mids were rich and warm and an almost tube like presence but with a tighter control. The highs were sweet and smooth and like its bass, had a bit more spatial presence. This amp drove the Daedelus Audio Ulysses speakers and our Goldmund Dialogue with great result where the soundstage was big and imaged like a live stage.

Cosmetically, the unit is in super nice shape, almost mint with just minor signs of use. We have the original box and will securely pack it for safe shipping. Amp is one owner from new.