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Pass Labs has consistently produced top class, well built amps over the years. Its like they know the secret elixir to producing fine amps! And the X5 is another product of their secret elixir but in five channel guise (using their patented Nelson Pass’s designed Supersymmetry circuit). With the X5, you get the same sonic quality you would get their from their “usual” two channel amps but now multiplied by five. Each channel will produce 125W in 8 ohms which proved to be more than adequate in our home theater demo room. Each channel will accept either RCA or XLR in. We would have preferred the speaker binding posts were a bit more spaced out for thicker gauge speaker wires but otherwise, remained fine with medium gauge wires. Built quality, as always, is first class with that “strong” masculine steel faceplate and black heat fins on the sides. Pass Labs amps have always been designed to last.

Cosmetically, the amp looks very good. Minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. This unit was previously refurbished by Pass Labs (where they are fully checked out and brought back to “like new” specs) so it will soldier on for many many more years. We have the original box and a copy of the manual.