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This is the World famous X350.5. Massive amp, massive power (350W/8 ohm or 700W/4 ohm) and massively adored the World over. Just one look at the physical size and the “muscular” thick front faceplate and you know this amp is serious business. When you listen to the X350.5, you can hear and feel the authoritative presence and control of the amp over the music. Throw it with classical music, rock, pop, jazz and vocals and it never misses a beat or misplace one. The amp loves big speakers. The bigger the speaker the more aplomb it delivers. When it went from our B&W 803 Diamonds to the 800 Diamonds, the difference was nothing short of spectacular. Even the Diatone 2S-3003 Japanese reference speakers never sounded that good prior to the X350.5. The X350.5 is all about power and it loves to “rumble” through it. The more you push it, the more stellar it becomes. At its original $11,600 MSRP, it was considered a bargain for what it can deliver. At under $6,000 now, it is just plain crazy value!

Condition of the amp is very good. Very minor scuff marks but nothing major. The amp was recently sent back to Pass Labs (which explains the refurbished sticker on the back) to have it “certified” (like CPO cars in the auto industry) and brought back up to specs. In the factory, anything that is not up to spec will be replaced. So this amp will last for many more years to come. In fact, the amp is not even fully broken in yet. We have the original box.

Due to its weight and size, the amp will ship as freight. Local pickup from our store is welcomed.